About Us

Woolgold Shawls and Stoles (India) is a leading organization dealing in manufacturing of woolen shawls, stoles and scarves in India for a long time. Our products include Digital Printed Shawls and Scarves, Jacquard Shawls, Cashmere Scarves, Hand and Screen Printed Shawls and Scarves.

Values: Our workers, employees and management have defined the values that inspire the Woolgold’s business. We value our clients and suppliers for their trust in our company for last so many years. We try to satisfy them every day on a personal and professional level.

Quality: Here at Woolgold, we are determined at our focus on quality. We believe that we must constantly strive towards the new ideas in every aspect. We pay our attention, resources and commitment towards research so that we can achieve new levels in the world of shawls and scarves.

Goal: Our specific goal is to become the benchmark for Indian Shawls industry. Our aim is to offer the products and services that stand out with their style and quality. We beleive in using quality raw materials, quality styles and quality inventions in everything that is done at Woolgold.

Patronage: Here at Woolgold, we dedicate our efforts to the beauty and arts across India. We are dedicated to presenting and enhancing Indian art, promoting activities and events that allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Indian art, style and everything that the world of art has given us.

Ecology: Here at Woolgold, we are concerned about the nature and protecting our planet earth. Therefore, we try and do what’s best for the nature. We try to keep everything safe in this natural world. Everything that belongs to us, in the same way it belongs to future generations. We intend to pass it on to them in the same state as it was to us.

Efficiency: Here at Woolgold, we focus on efficiency at every time of day and in every single action. Our specific goal is to transfer this efficiency to our quality products and our esteemed customers. Efficiency is necessary for our continued investment in technology and machinery.

Team spirit: Here at Woolgold, we are having a team of professionals. Our goal is to be the very best in shawls and scarves industry and to offer the best of our designs. We are all motivated by a shared team spirit which guides us in everything we do and in our daily conduct.

Social responsibility: Our manufacturing is under 100% compliance to all local laws pertaining to health, safety and labour regulations. We are committed to improve livelihoods and economic development of our people, reduce the environmental impact, improve commitment to and flow of better products throughout supply chain, ensure the credibility and sustainability of the better products.

Please do pay a visit to our multilingual website www.woolgold.com for more range of our designs.